Simple Ideas to Make Your Home More Welcoming

It may seem obvious, but many people fail to recognize that a home that feels, looks, and smells welcoming and homey will more likely raise a person’s interest when they come for a showing.  Of course, you think your home is pretty comfortable and welcoming already, but there are a few things you can do to make others feel right at home from the moment they walk in the door. 

Lead with the Nose 

If your home smells good, it will make others want to stick around longer.  The sense of smell is the strongest of all the five senses in its connection to our emotions.  Certain smells simply make us feel comfortable and at home no matter where we are.  There are a few smells that are almost universal.  Try a flameless scented burner that is safe but releases a wonderful fragrance in your home.  Choose scents like vanilla or spices, smells that remind people of home cooking and sweet treats. 
Be sure your fragrance isn’t overwhelming, however, and don’t use it to mask other odors like cat litter or food smells. People will know right away you are trying to hide something! 

Let the Light Shine In 

Clean your windows and open all of the blinds and curtains to let the sunshine into the home.  The warm feeling will make potential applicants want to settle in and bask in the glow.  A brightly lit home looks bigger too, while a dark home will appear smaller. 
Be sure you replace burnt out light bulbs so your home will be fully lit and have a welcoming glow even in the evening or on a cloudy day. 

Create the Illusion of a Larger Space 

Did you know that mirrors can actually give the illusion of a larger room?  Even if your house is small, you can open it up with a few strategically placed mirrors.  Horizontal designs are some of the best and they can offer a look that turns a small room into an open and airy spot. 
For more ideas on what you can do to create appeal and maximise space, contact Worth Real Estate today!!