Lena Anson-Smith

Director of Property Management Lena Anson-Smith is a well-known real estate identity and a leader in her field.

As a specialist Property Manager with over 15 years industry experience, Lena possesses the knowledge and know-how to get the job done and get it done right.

Known for her strong work ethic and determination to excel, Lena rises to all challenges and brings about peace of mind to her team and clients alike.

Having worked for many large well know real estate agencies prior to starting Worth Real Estate 7 years ago, Lena has found that each agency has enhanced her knowledge and the experience has allowed her to see the many pitfalls of the industry which strengthened her inner desire to raise the bar in property management services and bring about a change in the way properties are managed.

Lena believes these pitfalls were often from a lack of systems, communication, and pressure to manage more properties all while juggling every task of property management at the same time. This expectation to juggle all tasks and bring on more properties and just “do what you can do” was the complete opposite of Lena’s values and beliefs and is the big reason Worth Real Estate was created.

Lena understands how important it is for clients to be up to date with all property management dealings and The Worth Difference has been designed with pro-activeness and urgency in mind.

Overall Lena has a love of property, people and a strong desire to bring about change.

In Lena’s own words she believes “Determination Creates the Difference” and she certainly is determined to ensure Worth Real Estate and her Team lead by example.