It's not just the dedicated and hard-working staff that make Worth Real Estate stand out in a crowded industry. There is a fundamental difference in the way that we approach property management compared to other agencies.

We have seen the damages and consequences after poor or lack of property management to a property. An all too often as a client you are left feeling upset frustrated and angry along with a pile of invoices to follow. In most cases, your frustration and anger have come about due to pitfalls in the agency.

Some Agencies

A good property manager is soon ineffective by taking on multiple roles and properties at the same time.

The Worth Difference

By sharing the load we are able to manage your home and others with consistency and efficiency all the time.

Common Problems:

  • Staff turnover resulting in a loss of property information
  • Property Managers not complying with legislation requirements
  • Property Managers with lack of experience to handle property management duties
  • Property Managers acting without authority
  • Property Managers authorising repairs and maintenance without experience or knowledge of the actual problem
  • Property Managers inability to listen and communicate to truly understand and resolve issues and maintenance

The Agency you want to be with:

  • Be with an agency who has designed their systems and procedures to effectively manage your property regardless of if a property manager leaves the team.
  • Be with an agency who knows the property management processes in an out
  • Be with an agency who is committed to ongoing training.
  • Be with an agency who know legislative laws, best practice procedures and applies and acts in accordance with what they say they know is the smart choice.
  • Be with an agency who understands the value of an investment property and cost of repairs
  • Be with an agency whose team think outside the square, provide a pro-active approach and offer problem-solving skills to effectively achieve results.
  • Be with an agency that will take action to achieve the best possible return on your investment.
  • Be with an agency who is going to be 100% committed to you and your property

What makes us Unique?

You are guaranteed your property will be managed by a team that regardless of a change in a team member, Worth Real Estate is always there protecting you and your investment with consistency and efficiency all the time.

Here at Worth Real Estate, we will provide you with a proactive experience in property management with a team of highly trained, licensed individuals that are committed to delivering outstanding service every day, every time.

The Worth Real Estate systems and procedures have been built from over 15 years of direct industry experience by the founders, and this experience has allowed Worth Real Estate to continually raise the bar in property management services.

At the end of the day, Worth Real Estate is dedicated to ensuring that your property will be managed with consistency and efficiency at all times. Regardless of a change in a team member, Worth Real Estate is there protecting you and your investment.

Our Management System

Leasing Manager

Ensuring your property always has a suitable tenant promptly

Inspection Manager

Conducting thorough inspections to prevent maintenance and expensive repairs

Maintenance Manager

Committed to resolving maintenance promptly and cost effectively

Collections Manager

Manages tenants rents and owner disbursements

Vacating Manager

Dedicated to conducting comprehensive inspections to ensure your properties quality and standard are maintained