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With a population of just over 10,000 people, the suburb has an easy-going and friendly atmosphere. It’s also close to some great local schools including Everton Park State School. The median house price in Everton Park is $885 000 which means it’s not only a charming place to live but also an affordable option for those looking for homes on the market.

Property Types In Everton Park

The vast majority of properties in Everton Park are free-standing houses. The suburb predominantly consists of modest weatherboard homes built during the 1950s and 1960s that were originally constructed on timber or concrete stumps but these days many have been converted into multi-purpose rooms for storage or living spaces by being ‘built in’ under the house. Houses located near Parton Street tend to be larger than those found elsewhere within the suburb. Everton Park is predominantly a residential suburb, including some original Queenslander-style homes and significant number of post-war Queensland Housing Commission houses on quarter acre blocks built around the 1940s.

About Everton Park

Everton Park is located about 11 kilometres north of Brisbane’s CBD. Everton Park is a large, hilly suburb that lies to the west of Stafford. The suburb traditionally had an older population however in recent years, there has been an influx of younger families. 

What Schools are in Everton Park?

One of the reasons that many families move to Everton Park is because there are a variety of quality schools in the area. Local to Everton Park are the following schools:

  • Everton Park State School
  • Northside Christian College
  • Everton Park State High School
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran College
  • Next Steps Kindy


Due to its proximity to South Pine Road, Everton Park is close to a lot of transport, most notably the bus routes.

Food and Entertainment in Everton Park

Everton Park is close to many high-quality and well known bars, restaurants, and pubs which include:

  • Everton Park Hotel
  • Comuna Cantina
  • 5 Boroughs Everton Park
  • Burrito Bar
  • Tetto
  • Seoulful Chicken
  • Impressive Dumplings
  • Corbett & Claude

Parks in Everton Park

As one of the most popular recreation areas in Brisbane,  Everton Park offers residents a beautiful place to be outdoors enjoying Brisbane’s famous weather. Parks include: 

  • Teralba Park
  • Burwood Rd Park
  • John Tucker Park
  • Pullen Rd Park

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