Property management is more than just handing over the keys, collecting the rent, and sending out a work order from time to time.

It’s much greater than that…. It’s about ensuring your client’s biggest asset is maintained to a level that will always be ready for the next tenant, next sale, next valuation, and all while achieving the best possible return with the shortest vacancy period.

Now many landlords will think… how hard can it be? However, the reality is far different. Managing a property “a client’s biggest asset”, is a challenging, demanding, and specialised role that takes the right systems, right procedures, and the right team to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

It requires a team of professionals that have the right skill set, the right mindset, and the right can-do attitude. Our team members need to have extensive area and legislative knowledge. Our Senior Property Managers need to have an eye for detail, be able to master the skill of negotiation to effectively achieve results, and above all have forward thought.

All team members require forward-thinking… as when one understands the implications of what can occur when action is taken and not taken, they can mitigate loss, can provide a pro-active approach, and avoid costly mistakes. Then with all this and so much more, it requires an agency that can support its team and allow each team member to grow to the best of their abilities all while being able to develop and grow further as a whole.

As you can see, property management requires a vast skill set, a developed mindset, and is a huge responsibility.  It needs to be taken very seriously and choosing the wrong agency for your property can not only cost you in the pocket now but greatly in the long run.

By choosing to be with Worth Real Estate you are guaranteed to receive the specialised service of a team of experienced professionals who are 100% dedicated to the management of your property.

You are guaranteed your property will be managed by a team that regardless of a change in a team member, Worth Real Estate is always there protecting you and your investment with consistency and efficiency all the time.

Let us manage your rental property