So you’re ready to get started!

Engaging Worth Real Estate is simple.

Step 1

Request a Property Occupations Form 6 - Appointment of a property agent. If your property is managed by another agent we will also send you a Terminating Appointment Letter.

Step 2

Complete and return the PO Form 6. If applicable, return the Terminating Appointment Letter.

Step 3

If your property is managed by another agency, we will contact your current agent and issue 30 days' written notice on your behalf and arrange an appropriate day to collect all associated property keys and documents. Upon collection, we will notify your current tenants of the change of agent and confirm with you the changeover has been completed.

If your property is vacant, we will arrange an appropriate way to collect a full set of keys and handle the leasing process from start to finish.

If your property is self-managed, we will arrange with you an appropriate way to collect all associated keys and documents then notify the current tenants of the changeover.

Find out More

For further information on how to get started, details on our management rates, and a copy of our owner's guide to property management services contact us today.