Does your property make a good first impression?

“Presentation, Presentation, and Presentation”… It is the most crucial aspect that will impact the most. When a prospective tenant drives by to view your property for the first time we want to make sure they have a positive reaction. Ideally “Wow” or “Very Nice”, then followed with “I can’t wait to see inside” 


  • What you see from the roadside is the key; it must look good from here! So, step out the front and check it out. Could you landscape, lay fresh bark, plants, trim hedges, remove dead plants and mow the lawn or even a house wash?
  • How’s the letterbox? If it’s old, rusty and hanging on the side, remove and replace it. Or, perhaps it just needs a coat of paint to match the house. This is a small detail but it can make a big impression!
  • Do the fences need replacing or painting? Although this could prove expensive, the right type could dramatically improve the street appeal.
  • Remove any rubbish lying around, mow, edge and tidy the lawns.
  • Do the fly screens look tired and worn? Holes and tears are not appealing; they should be replaced with a quality mesh.
  • Does the driveway or paths need a pressure clean to remove oil or mould? Don’t put a tenant off with big yucky oil stains, remember first impressions count.
  • How about the gutters? Are they all intact? Do they need to be cleaned, branches removed?
  • How are the step treads and handrails? Are they safe and secure?
  • Do the verandahs and decks need cleaning from nasty’s such as bird dropping or dirt build up from the weather?
Well, I think you get the picture. Don’t turn a good tenant away before they get to the front door. 
  • How’s the carpet? Loose threads, ripples, holes & tears are hazardous. 
  • How’s the cleaning; the property as a whole should be clean and well-presented. 
  • Is the interior paintwork in good condition? Is a new coat needed? Again, expensive, but the right colours can dramatically improve the appeal.
  • Is there any mould in wet areas? Remove if so, this is not only unsightly but also hazardous. Mould is very serious and should be taken seriously. Be sure to get checked by a professional if it has been an ongoing problem.
  • Are there dripping taps? They should be fixed as its money literally going down the drain. 
  • How are the cooking appliances? Remember, people use food in this area and they can be very picky if dirty and greasy.
  • Are windows & glass free from dirt and cracks? Dirty windows can block light.
  • Do the curtains all match? Are they clean, working, do the block out light in the bedrooms? No point in having a curtain in a bedroom that does not do its job. 
Again, remember. First impressions count! A helpful exercise can be to put you in the shoes of a renter. Ask yourself, would you live here? Does it suit your needs? If no, ask yourself why not? What would it need to meet your needs? This exercise can be really helpful to take you away from the illusion owners can have of seeing their property as being perfect and not needing any changes.