Senior Property Manager

Aimee-Leigh Hay

Aimee possesses extensive expertise as a seasoned Senior Property Manager, boasting over 8 years of valuable industry experience. Her wealth of knowledge and proficiency enhances her role significantly.

Aimee is known for her exceptional organizational skills, local market understanding in Brisbane Northside, and a welcoming and approachable demeanour, being a local resident herself.

In her capacity as a real estate professional, Aimee takes pride in her meticulous attention to detail, consistently offering top-notch property management services to her clients. She is recognized for her optimistic attitude, comprehensive product knowledge, and her innate ability to foster strong relationships with both tenants and landlords.

Aimee’s primary goal is to facilitate seamless transactions, efficiently handling all aspects, whether it’s finding suitable tenants, managing property exits, or ensuring the maintenance and preservation of your investment. She consistently surpasses expectations, striving to maintain the satisfaction of all involved parties by providing thorough communication and information throughout the entire process.

Aimee spends much of her free time with her family, cooking and entertaining friends. She also loves to explore the many interesting local eateries spread amongst the villages of the Inner North of Brisbane.