Assistant Property Manager

Karen Staunton

Eager to become a valuable member of the Worth Real Estate team, Karen embodies a friendly, proactive, and motivated approach as an Assistant Property Manager, placing a strong emphasis on achieving results.

Her passion for property management is evident through her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.

Before transitioning into the real estate industry, Karen enjoyed a successful tenure as a small business owner, spanning over a decade. This experience instilled in her a deep respect for small business owners, underlining the significance of supporting local enterprises and community members.

Karen understands the criticality of establishing positive working relationships from the outset, recognizing that this lays the foundation for her success in property management. She values open and honest communication, maintaining a professional demeanor while being approachable and understanding.

With her optimistic outlook, lively personality, and meticulous attention to detail, Karen stands as a significant asset to the team, contributing positively to the overall dynamics and productivity.