Principal Licensee

Peter Illingworth

Peter Illingworth, the Principal Licensee, brings a wealth of experience as a Licensed Real Estate agent, with a deep understanding of the local market, garnered from over a decade of residing in Nundah. With a strong foundation rooted in a Real Estate family, Peter ventured out to establish Worth Real Estate, leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience.

In his role, Peter adopts a methodical approach to property marketing, tailoring strategies to the unique needs of each property and client. He is a straightforward professional, known for his intuition and attentiveness to his clients’ requirements, ensuring they are well-informed throughout the sales process.

Peter’s exceptional communication skills and keen attention to detail in property presentation consistently led to outstanding results. Renowned as a highly skilled negotiator, he upholds integrity and honesty as paramount values in all his interactions.

If you wish to contact Peter for any Real Estate needs, please either call, email him or fill in the form below 🙂